Meet Our Pastors

Rev. Dana Allen Brones

I am a boy born in the mountains, and now lead a church at the beach. My undergraduate degree is in social work, and my home seminary is St. Louis. I served my vicarage in Guatemala as an Evangelistic Missionary. My first call was to plant a church named Fuente De Vida, Fountain of Life Lutheran Church in Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela. After returning to the States, I lived and received my call in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania before being called to Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Jacksonville. I served as the Associate Pastor for four years before becoming senior pastor. Missions are my passion and over the last two years God afforded me the privilege of being His servant in Florida, Guatemala, and India. My greatest helpmate and support for my ministry is my wife Diane.  Together we have six children. 
You might not know this, but I co-founded a swing dancing group while in PA.


Vicar Devin Murphy

Born and raised in South Florida, I knew since I was a young teen that I wanted to enter ministry. I thought it would be a long time until I would have an opportunity to serve, but God opened doors for me to go to seminary, and I have been richly blessed ever since. My beautiful wife Melissa has supported me on this wild ride and my two little ones, Penny (3) and Devin Jr. (1 1/2), have come with us.  It is a blessing and a privilege to be able to return to our homeland and serve among such a well established and wonderful church. After two long years in the classroom, I am so excited to learn and grow with you all. Whether you are a newcomer or a faithful member, I invite you to join me and come see the wonderful people Jesus has put in this place and the work our Lord is doing at Bethlehem. God bless.

One thing you may not know about me is that I have performed in over 10 plays, including roles like Nicholas Nickelby, the Grinch, and the Beast.