Welcome to Bethlehem!

COME and GO: Two words with great meaning.  

You are invited to COME to Bethlehem - 
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Join us! God meets us where we are. Join us!  For refreshment, the unloading of burdens through the Word and Sacrament. 

As we continue to do this, we are then prepared to GO and make disciples of all nations.

It is as simple as that. Through weekly worship, and the study of the Word, God reveals Himself to us as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. As we receive the Sacraments, and are filled with the Holy Spirit, we cannot help but to GO and tell others what He has done. 

We are enabled to complete this cycle by proclaiming His name in our context here and in the world through words, service to our neighbors and to the community as a whole. Reaching to the ends of the earth with His message of love, grace and forgiveness. 

As you explore our website feel at home, like a day at the beach. It will become evident that we are passionate about using everything God has given us to bless the lives of all we serve, here at Jacksonville Beach, or the world beyond. As we COME to gather every week at this special place we call “Bethlehem at the Beach,” and then as we GO into our bigger world serving as the Body of Christ. 


Guatemala Mission Trip

Registration for Guatemala has passed but please talk with Holly Dellinger or Carol Pietrasiuk if you have questions. The trip will  be Saturday, April 28 through May 6, 2018. We are looking for donations for the missionaries to take with them go on this amazing mission trip. Please see the donation list on the bulletin board. God Bless and please pray for these missionaries!

Women's Retreat

Friday, June 8 – Sunday, June 10
Women’s Retreat at Luther Springs.  For more information, please contact Holly Dellinger, Val Gruhn, Toni Skorusa, Carol Pietrasiuk or Susan Heimbach with any questions.

Baby Shower

Thank you so much to our generous congregation for the gifts for the McCarty twins! God is good!

Shipwrecked VBS 

 June 11 - 15
 9am till 12noon
 Register @ blcjaxbeach.org

 I'm ready to set sail to an uncharted island where JESUS rescues -  Shipwrecked Island 
Grab your life preservers to keep afloat !!  I'll try not to take you down with the ⛴ ship !!  I’m gonna need a few things before I pack up - please feel free to help me fill my list:

⚓️ lots of prayers
⚓️ Publix Gift Cards
⚓️ Loads of glue sticks
⚓️ Volunteers
⚓️ 100 juice boxes for 5 days
⚓️ Walmart Gift Cards
⚓️ loads of things along the way !

Wondering where you might fit in as part of our VBS team? 
Check out our VBS Volunteer descriptions @ our Church website: blcjaxbeach.org

VBS Director  
Darlene Maxwell  (Ms D)

Questions? email me:  darbill1@bellsouth.net

Register Here